Promotion on Facebook and Instagram
Probably the most convenient, fast, flexible and smart tool for promoting any business on the Internet is the social networks Facebook and Instagram.
It is here, along with YouTube and TikTok, that the inhabitants of our planet spend their free time for the most part. That is why we start promoting on the Internet, almost all of our client projects, with Facebook and Instagram.

We work extremely carefully, with a small budget we probe a wide audience, find the target audience we need in it and hit the gas, increasing the budget, scaling the spent profitable bundles.

Our competitive advantage is that in promoting partner projects, we use non-standard methods that allow our clients to achieve significant financial goals with small funds.

As a rule, it takes about two weeks to test and refine the main hypotheses. There are, of course, complex projects and niches where the time may increase, and where we already had experience, we will be able to conduct the test faster.

The price of testing (the cost of our work for two weeks) is $ 200.

The budget that needs to be spent on traffic during the test period depends on the niche and geography and is negotiated individually.

Where the cost of a sold product or service is estimated at a hundred dollars or euros, $ 300-500 for two weeks of testing may be enough. If the product is expensive and complex, then $500 or more.

For example, the cost of attracting a client (CAC) to a real estate agency that works only in New York is much higher than, for example, to an international real estate agency that works not for one city, but for two countries: the USA and Canada. The wider the audience, the lower the cost of attracting a client.

After testing on Facebook and Instagram, we offer a further development plan on these social networks, and we also recommend that you start testing additional sources of customer acquisition, such as YouTube, TikTok, contextual advertising and SEO promotion in search engines.

This will allow diversifying the risks of one source of customer acquisition, perhaps finding a way to reduce the cost of user acquisition and increase the overall flow of customers to the business.
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